Which streamers will have VALORANT beta key drops!?


On April 7th, gamers around the world will gather on streams under the banners of VALORANT!

So, the main reason for this excitement is the ability to get a pass key for closed beta-test of this game.

A list of several popular streamers from which you can get the coveted keys

Stream channels:

  1. Forsen
  2. GeT_RiGhT
  3. cloakzy
  4. diegosaurs
  5. Mendokusaii
  6. pashaBiceps
  7. ZywOo
  8. Aceu
  9. brax
  10. Bugha
  11. dizzy
  12. DrLupo
  13. Hiko
  14. LIRIK
  15. Myth
  16. n0thing
  17. shroud
  18. Skadoodle
  19. Stewie2k
  20. summit1g

So, which of them will you watch!?! Share your favorite streamers with community!


i’ll watch Skadoodle, he’s cool guy


Two friends got the keys on the Summit stream. I’m going to watch him tommorow


I hope i get something from it