Valorant - New Riot game and 15 Things You Should Know About it

Things You Should Know About VALORANT!


  1. All weapons, armor, and abilities require credits to purchase. Credits are earned from eliminations, planting/defusing the spike, and after each round.

  2. First team to win 13 rounds wins the map. Teams switch sides (offense/defense) after 12 rounds.

  3. The spike takes 7 total seconds to defuse. It can be defused in two (3.5 second) halves. There are no defuse kit items in Valorant.

  4. There are no switching of agents after the map has started. You must play your selected agent on both the offensive and defensive side.

  5. Every agents’ ultimate requires earning 6 charges in order to use. A charge is earned for every elimination, plant spike and defuse, and from an ultimate orb on the map.

  6. There are 2 ultimate orbs that can be collected on every map. Each orb can be collected once per round and then respawns the next round.


  7. During the buy phase, you can not hear any noises made by the enemy nor can you see them.

  8. Agents’ abilities that deals damage in an area effect ALSO damages teammates (at a reduced rate).

  9. You can use the “ping” tool in the game to ping the map whether you’re dead or alive.

  10. Using ADS (scope on the weapon) and/or crouching while firing reduces recoil and bullet spread.


  11. When an agent uses their ultimate, there will be either a global audio or visual cue to everyone in the game.

  12. When hovering over a weapon in the buy menu, you can see each weapons’ statistics such as: firing rate, damage numbers, magazine capacity, wall penetration capability, and more.


  13. Bullets can penetrate and damage enemies in Valorant. Higher powered weapons pierce walls and objects dealing more damage than weaker weapons.

  14. All sounds in Valorant are precisely accurate. A quality set of headphones is highly recommended.

  15. Shooting while moving causes inaccuracy. Learning to counter-strafe will be critical for your success.

The forum administration wishes you success on the battlefields of Valorant!