Nadeshot not allowed to stream Valorant on April 7th

League of legends team owners are upset that Nadeshot, who is also a LOL team owner was given a business advantage which they did not get.

Official Riot employe response:


Hi everyone! This is Kasra from Riot (I lead Strategy on VALORANT Esports) and wanted to pop in to clarify a few things coming up around this. One of our goals with VALORANT was to ensure all esport orgs around the world received access to the game at the same time (when technically possible) so that we didn’t create a competitive advantage (both across teams and across regions). This meant that we gave each team access to closed beta at the exact same day (April 7th) with the same number of accounts (20). Given these teams/players were getting direct access through us, we also asked them to not stream until the 8th so that our players and fans had equal opportunity to get access on the 7th through the content creators that have already been streaming VALORANT.

Sometimes, there’s a blurry line between esports and content creators and in this case, we asked Nadeshot to not stream until the 8th (just as we’ve asked of all other team orgs). Ultimately, our goal is to ensure fairness in access to VALORANT both for esports orgs and fans (like you).